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Planning the Future

Elected officials and public administrators are facing the most challenging and transformative period in American history. The number of variables converging on state and local government is enormous, diverse, and growing. Insufficient infrastructure, a struggling economy, an evolving climate, increasing public expectations, and complex service demands are driving the critical questions, ‘Where are we going?’ and… How are we going to get there?

This book is about change, challenge, and opportunity. It is about planning for an uncertain future while meeting current social, economic, and environmental demands. In this first book in the Prepared for Challenge™ Public Leadership Series, noted public sector futurist John Luthy raises profound questions about predictability, probability, and the inevitability of events that will reshape America. More importantly, he presents a proven, simple strategic thinking and planning process that was developed specifically for public agencies to promote efficiency, productivity, and measured performance. This book is a ‘must read’ for every elected official, public administrator, and community leader who is committed to dynamic, creative, and productive government.

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